Trading is always a high risk and may not be suitable for everyone. Losses can exceed your investment.

The author of this webite is not a BitShares developer and not responsible for any damages or losses caused by software that is linked from here.

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Try the new BitShares Client, a decentralized exchange and multi crypto-currency wallet. Control your accounts, trade assets and send tokens around the world. You can issue your own tradeable tokens that can be used as virtual shares, a representation of an asset or even a currency. The software offers a complete suite of tools and options for professional crypto traders and opens a door to new financial freedom.
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Buy & Sell BitShares

In the BitShares network the base token is called a BitShare and its symbol is BTS. BTS are dividable into 100,000 sub-units and can be transfered on the blockchain. 

In contrast to most crypto-currencies, BitShares does not claim to be a currency but rather an equity in a decentral autonomous company (DAC). As a result, the market valuation of BitShares is free floating and may be as volatile as any other equity (e.g. of traditional companies). 

Nonetheless, BTS tokens can be used as collateral in financial smart contracts such as market pegged assets and thus back every existing SmartCoin such as the bitUSD.


Trade BitAssets

The core product of BitShares is a class of assets referred to as Market-Pegged Assets (MPA), BitAssets, or SmartCoins and represent a crypto-token that has at least the value of the underlying asset, for instance bitUSD.

In addition to market-pegged assets, the BitShares network also offers to register customizable assets on the public ledger. For instance, a BitShares customer may create the asset FREE and distribute them to friends for free. Another customer may want his company shares to be traded in the BitShares network.

Yet another use-case would be event tickets that can be sold at a fixed price and allow the holder to enter a concert.


Account Permissions

In BitShares, each account is separated into owner permissions and active permissions. A single account can have multiple owners and may require multiple approvals to execute a transaction. The permission model in BitShares enables many Multi-Signature schemes based on secp256k1 Elliptic Curve Cryptography.

Backup, backup, backup

In a system where you are your own bank and broker it also is your responsibility to secure your funds. Ensure you have secure place where you can put your backups like an encrypted USB drive or cloud space. But always keep a copy and do not rely on a single backup source. Do backups when you have created new accounts or when you did change your account permissions. Additionally you should backup the so called brain key that allows you to regain access to your account and funds even if your wallet is destroyed, deleted or corrupted.

Do not lose your backup because no one else will be able to help you recover your accounts and funds.

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